What people are saying about "Session Tunes"....

"The Session Tunes book for Irish tenor banjo is one of the best collections, if not the best, I've encountered over the years!

I use tablature and the tunes are presented in a large, easy to read presentation. There is also notation if you prefer. The various jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc. are straightforward and true to the melodies. Suggestions for triplets and trebles are provided.
I have found this to be the first book I go to when I'm planning on learning a new tune!"

-Wayne Morrison
, Rhode Island, USA

"The book and the CD's have been invaluable to me in getting a foothold in ITM. It is very important in learning a Trad tune, to hear it being played by a real Trad musician, as notations (and midi playback systems) can only capture so much, especially with regard to the subtleties of rhythms and note durations in Trad tunes.

Using full performances of tunes to learn from can also be hard because of the different timbres, articulations and (especially) ornamentations present that make focusing on the melody harder.

Much more productive (for me at any rate) to work from the mandolin versions on the DustyBanjo CDs that are focused on clearly spelling out the melody".

-Sean McGrath, Lawrence, Kansas

"Having played the guitar for almost 20 years, I decided to give the banjo a 'go'. The Dusty Banjo Session Book was a great companion starting out as it featured tablature, which I was used to reading. Within a few weeks I had a dozen tunes and since then the guitar has played 'second fiddle'".


"I am learning to play the mandolin ( a late vocation ) and have Purchased the "DUSTY BANJOS SESSION TUNE BOOK" and "TEN YEARS OF TUNES" and I think they are the best and easy to follow trad tune books available. I also have the Dusty Banjos 1st learner CD (yellow cover)  which is fantastic".

-Aidan Murray, Gort, Co. Galway