Below, in tablature, are the tunes from earlier editions of "Session Tunes" which do not appear in this Third Edition.

All of the tunes (except the last four) in the Third Edition are now on the double CD "Session Tunes", which is supplied with the book

You can hear the last four tunes - which don't fit on the CD - below; just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Marys Spinning Wheel.pdf Marys Spinning Wheel.pdf
Size : 78.405 Kb
Type : pdf
Off She Goes.pdf Off She Goes.pdf
Size : 279.43 Kb
Type : pdf
Sliabh Russell.pdf Sliabh Russell.pdf
Size : 41.017 Kb
Type : pdf
The Blackbird.pdf The Blackbird.pdf
Size : 60.379 Kb
Type : pdf
The Brosna Slide.pdf The Brosna Slide.pdf
Size : 265.483 Kb
Type : pdf
The Concertina Reel.pdf The Concertina Reel.pdf
Size : 317.175 Kb
Type : pdf
The Humours of Ballyconnell.pdf The Humours of Ballyconnell.pdf
Size : 59.472 Kb
Type : pdf
The Man of the House.pdf The Man of the House.pdf
Size : 47.309 Kb
Type : pdf
Tobin's Jig.pdf Tobin's Jig.pdf
Size : 297.271 Kb
Type : pdf
Toss the Feathers.pdf Toss the Feathers.pdf
Size : 55.219 Kb
Type : pdf

The Laurel Tree.mp3

The Trip to Durrow.mp3

The Green Fields of Rossbeigh.mp3

The Hares Paw.mp3