The Concertina Diaries teach-yourself manual is  intended for beginners on the Anglo concertina (probably 30-button, though not necessarily), as well as for those who already have some ability but want to explore the possibilities of this beautiful and fascinating instrument in greater depth.

The focus is on playing Irish Trad, and the method is similar to the way we learn a foreign language these days - we learn to speak the language, and we pick up and learn the 'grammar' as we go along and on a need-to-know basis.

The book now comes with a CD included, containing all 47 of the tunes shown in the tutor, played on concertina on its own, and veeery slowly, so that you can (a) hear how each tune should sound and (b) play along as you learn.Interested? Click on the sub-menu links at the top of this page, or on the links below, to learn more about this book.

Heather writes of "The Concertina Diaries" :
The reason that I brought out this book - based on my real diary of progress through acquainting myself with concertina - was that nowhere could I find any manual which taught me how to use the keyboard: how to find my way around the various options in such a way that I could play the various sequences of notes that arise in Irish music. If that's where you find yourself, not knowing how best to play a tune - which of the many button options to use - then this book could be what you're looking for. If you're a beginner wanting to learn for yourself how to find your way around the concertina, OR if you experience difficulties in finding your way around the concertina layout, then try out this book.

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If you're looking for a means of learning to play Irish music on an Anglo concertina (Wheatstone, Jeffries or similar layout), and you don't have access to a teacher, then "The Concertina Diaries" may be just what you're seeking.