Already, THE CONCERTINA DIARIES has attracted positive comments, from people who are, relatively speaking, beginners, as well as from others who are experienced players but who taught themselves, perhaps as children.

Read some of the testimonials for the manual below:

"This tutor is absolutely wonderful!  Oh, how I wish I had had it when I first started!  Heather is a natural writer and teacher".

       Kay Strosnider, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


"Having learned to play tunes on the concertina by myself as a child, I had not realised that different buttons were available for the same note.  I have in the past found some tunes difficult to play because the same finger was needed for two consecutive buttons.  Heather goes through these common problems and explains her solutions in depth.  Her explanations are clear and concise.

She has put a lot of thought into the sequence of tunes in the book, starting off with ones that are easy to play, in order for you to get time to learn her technique.  By Tune 3, I had become comfortable with the notation and didn’t have to take as much time to find the required button. 

I have been very much enlightened by this book".

       Fionnuala Gallagher, Monivea,  Ireland


"A copy of this book should accompany every concertina sold to all beginning players".

       Bernie Diskin,  Galway, Ireland