About this book

"Dusty Banjos Session Tunes" is NOT a tutor or teach-yourself-banjo book;  it's a book of tunes in tab for Irish tenor banjo and mandolin. The book comes with a double CD of the tunes, played slowly.

The book contains 68 common Irish traditional tunes. The tunes are in tab, and also in standard musical notation and in ABC (note: Irish ABC rather than the new 'abc notation'). While all of these tunes are very well known and can be used to make up your own sets, they're given in an order that reflects the Dustys set list; suggested sets from our repertoire are given on the last page of the book.

The First Edition of this book (the "Yellow Book") was produced in 2006, and a Second Edition (with an orange cover), appeared in 2011.  The green-covered Third Edition of "Session Tunes" is basically an update of the above books.  Some of the tunes which have disappeared from the current set list have been removed, with new ones replacing them. The music, ABC, and tablature has all been re-written with proper music-writing software, and we like to think the whole book looks a lot more professional!

The tab for any tunes not in this new edition is available for download from this site (click HERE).

Double CD supplied with book

The double CD, "Dusty Banjos Session Tunes", accompanies this book. The last four
tunes don't fit on the CD, but can be listened to on this site on the page, "More tunes in tablature/mp3".