Like to hear some sample tunes/sets (all of which are included in "Ten Years Of Tunes", of course)?

The following tracks come from our CD "Dusty Banjos: Live At The Crane", featuring some 49 musicians from Dustys playing together in the renowned Crane Bar, Galway.

You can read more about that CD - and Dusty Banjos' other learners' CDs (tunes played slowly) and our earlier tunebook, with music, ABC and banjo/mandolin tab for a more limited number of tunes - at

In the first track (Track 4 on the CD) you'll hear the reels The Silver Spear and The Humours Of Tulla. Note how well they 'go' together as a set!

04a Track 4a.mp3

 The next set (Track 2 on the CD) is also a set of reels: Rolling In The Ryegrass, the lovely Lady Anne Montgomery, and Maud Millar's:

02 Track 2.mp3

 Track 11 on Live At The Crane is a set of jigs, often the set we start our sessions off with. They are The Carraroe, The Black Rogue, and the well-known Kesh Jig:

11 Track 11.mp3

 Track 5 below features two hornpipes: The Galway and Harvest Home. Again, note how these tunes work so well together as sets:

05 Track 5.mp3

 The last track on "Live At The Crane" is a set of three reels: The Donegal, The Banshee, and the lively St Anne's - a great tune with which to round up a session!

14 Track 14.mp3

 All of the above tunes - and many, many more! - are in "Ten Years Of Tunes", arranged in the sets you've heard in these samples.

If you'd like to hear some more samples (not from the CD "Live At The Crane" - these were recorded some years ago by Mary Lovett, mandolin; Heather Greer, tremolo harmonica; and Maurice McCafferty, guitar), try the three sets below. Again, these are all in "Ten Years Of Tunes".

The first is The Centenary and the next is Madame Bonaparte;  they aren't listed as a set in the tunebook, but we note in the book that we often play them as a set; they seem to go well together:

01 Track 1.mp3

 Next is a set of two jigs, also in the book - Seamus Connolly's and the "twisty and turny" Rosemary Lane:

03 Track 3.mp3

 Finally, two more tunes from the book - this time two waltzes: Gillian's Waltz, and Margaret's Waltz:

04 Track 4.mp3

 We hope this gives you an impression of the variety of tunes and sets contained within "Ten Years Of Tunes".