As we say in the book itself (p.vii), it's inevitable that in producing a book with so many tunes, there will be mistakes - despite many hours of proofing and checking.

Should you come across any discrepancies, please do let us know, and we will:

Make the necessary corrections, and publish them on this page  as a downloadable pdf file

-  Ensure that further print runs contain all corrections made.

Letting us know will be a great help, and we'll be glad to hear from you.


Page 4 - Hammy Hamilton's:

Usually has six lines - the last line the same as line 2.

P4 - Hammie Hamiltons.pdf P4 - Hammie Hamiltons.pdf
Size : 388.474 Kb
Type : pdf

 Page 40 - Queen of the Fair:

Music in Bars 2 and 3, line 4 - should be D'AG  FED  EFG  BAG

p40 Queen of The Fair.pdf p40 Queen of The Fair.pdf
Size : 369.668 Kb
Type : pdf

Page 183 - The Greencastle Hornpipe:

Introductory bar to second part should be G'A'

p183 - The Greencastle Hornpipe.pdf p183 - The Greencastle Hornpipe.pdf
Size : 348.603 Kb
Type : pdf

 Page 184 - The Strand Hornpipe:

Last bar of line 4, and first bar of line 5, should be a single bar.

p184  The Strand.pdf p184 The Strand.pdf
Size : 348.904 Kb
Type : pdf

Page 230 - Endearing Young Charms:

The tiny '3' in the last bar of the 3rd line, is a mistake and shouldn't be there.

p230 Endearing Young Charms.pdf p230 Endearing Young Charms.pdf
Size : 1014.112 Kb
Type : pdf

CORRECTIONS TO FIRST PRINTING (corrected in 2nd printing):

Page 176 - Chief O'Neill's Hornpipe: 

The C in the 3rd bar, 2nd part, should be a C natural.


Fairies - Ch ONeills.pdf Fairies - Ch ONeills.pdf
Size : 1894.47 Kb
Type : pdf

 Page 226 - "Donegal Highland" (Fling):

  • Key in tune title should read "D" (key signature in the music itself is presented correctly in the book).
  • Music corrections in Bars 4 and 12.
p226 w corrections - 13Mar2013.pdf p226 w corrections - 13Mar2013.pdf
Size : 303.367 Kb
Type : pdf